How to say “I had cleaned at home”? [closed]

I can’t find a similar sentence in Google. I’m trying to say that I already have done cleaning in my apartments and in the process of it I … etc. Is “A couple months ago, we had cleaned at the home.” correct? Thank you.


If you just want to say that you cleaned two months ago:

I cleaned the house a couple of months ago.

But if you want to say that something happened immediately after you cleaned your house you could use the word “just”:

I had just cleaned my house when my friend arrived.

You mentioned “already”. If this is important you could say:

I had already cleaned the apartment when he called to remind me to do

You also mentioned “in the process”. If something happened during the cleaning you would say:

I was cleaning my house when I remembered my appointment.


I found my keys while cleaning my house.

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