Is there a better way to structure this sentence? [closed]

I am having a hard time re-working the following sentence. I know it gets pretty heavy near the middle of the sentence. At this part:
design experts utilizing a diverse.

Would a simple comma before utilizing be all the sentence needs or is there a better way to structure it?

Your imagination is the only limiting factor when combining NEXT-LEVEL
DESIGN with MB Kit design experts utilizing a diverse collection of
aluminum profiles and components.

enter image description here


Could be better but your the one getting paid

Your imagination does not need to be a limiting factor, combine
MB Kit’s NEXT-LEVEL DESIGN experts using “no-cost” engineering
with a diverse collection of aluminum profiles and components.

Design options are endless with MB Kit Systems’ NEXT-LEVEL DESIGN. Modular T-slot products provide a strong basis for application design, however there are limiting factors for more advanced projects that require strong stability and design flexibility. Examples include “high-load” projects that must sustain strong vibrations or applications under constant momentum load situations may require additional bracing.

Next-Level Design increases a project’s level of integrity, ultimately enabling higher-level build quality for most situations. Enhanced design options include, but are not limited to specialty engineered braces, brackets, spacers, adapter and connecting plates created from a variety of materials such as aluminum, plastics and compounded materials.

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