Need some help in writing an essay about education as the main goal in life [closed]

Good afternoon everyone! Can you kindly help me with these sentences (I really don’t know if natives do write this way about the priority in life (which for me is education).

For some people money is the main priority in life, while I consider my education as the main aim. I am ready to spend my money on studying to get an interesting and well-paid job in the future.

So, for me, it is necessary to contribute in studying now to achieve success later. A little help is very important too. That’s when family support matters! Family or friends can help in collecting the information required or simply in preparing meals. When there is no time, a help like this is priceless.

To me, an ideal study room should be spacious and uncluttered. I try to organize my workplace so I can work efficiently and focus on my studying.

P.S. The bold parts of the sentences are the ones that I am totally unsure about. I would be very grateful for any comments on this)


Note that, in general, proofreading questions are off-topic in this forum. However, since you have identified a couple of phrases in bold, I will speak to a couple of things that may prove helpful:

  • I consider my education to be my main aim
  • “help” not “a help”
  • nothing wrong with your use of “for me”/”to me”

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