Splitting an Infinitive [closed]

I was watching an episode of Psych today, where they made a grammar joke that referenced a term I hadn’t heard before.

The quote in question that apparently splits an infinitive is:

(Karen Vick) Well, why don’t you tell me how to properly say this: if you share any official information about this case with your father or let him anywhere near any new evidence, then the two of you will have to find another police department to work for and I will personally see to it that each of you is charged with obstruction of justice.

Apart from maybe adding a couple of commas, this seems correct to me.

I don’t remember learning about infinitives in grade school. Can someone point out where the infinitive was split? I like being grammatically correct, so knowing that I may have been violating this for years makes me want to educate myself on the matter.


As Janus Bahs Jacquet pointed out in a comment, the split infinitive here is near the beginning:

Well, why don’t you tell me how to properly say this:

The infinitive is “to say”, and it’s split by the word “properly”.

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