Using “and” twice in a list

About using and, I’ve learned it is usually used in lists, between the last two items. For example:

I like movies, traveling and going out with friends.

Please tell me if the use of and twice in this next example is correct. The first and is used between the last two items of the list, and the second is used to combine two things in the second part.

I am a software developer who has permanent residence, Bachelor degree and 4 years experience in .net for developing new software and doing enhancements in existing once.


Your usage is indeed entirely correct. “And” can be used in such a way.
Just note, that in a list, the second and last element of the list is separated by a comma, which I note in both of your examples, is lacking :

I like movies, traveling and going out with friends./A comma is needed between “traveling” and “and”

So, it should be:

I like movies, traveling, and going out with friends.

That’s one way of preventing confusion from the “and’s”

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