What is the proper proposition for “to reconfigure”?

Oxford dictionary has seemingly mentioned nothing, as I checked.

Could you please clear which sentence is sound:

1- The system must be reconfigured to another mode.

2- The system must be reconfigured into another mode.

3- The system must be reconfigured onto another mode.


Into appears to be the more common preposition according to Ngram. (Note that in most cases “reconfigure to” is followed by a verb.)

From Ubuntu Linux:

  • Just follow on screen questions and you should able to restore or reconfigure to previous state.

From Chip multiprocessor architecture :

  • After benchmark capture, the traces were used to drive a relatively fast system simulator that was parameterized to be able to reconfigure into the wide variety of configurations needed for the study.

From Robotics:

  • Self-repair, a special type of self-reconfiguration, could allow a robot to replace damaged units with fresh units, or to reconfigure into a different shape in order to continue with the task at hand.

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