Finding the correct answer in a block of code that consists of MCQs [closed]

The code below is one the short trivia quizzes given to me in class. I am new to HTML Programming and my teacher wanted to give me an introduction of sorts. The code below contains a multiple choice question for a generic high school test with accompanying options. Which kind of code shows the correct option?

<h4>Question text</h4>
<input name="q74503:9_:sequencecheck" type="hidden" value="1" />
<div>A triangular piece of land has two sides being 100m each with an angle of 30 degrees between them. If these two sides were measured with an error of 0.1m each but the angle was error free, what is that absolute error in the length of the third side?</div>
<div><input name="q74503:9_answer" type="radio" value="0" />
<div data-region="answer-label">a.
<div><input name="q74503:9_answer" type="radio" value="1" />
<div data-region="answer-label">b.
<div><input name="q74503:9_answer" type="radio" value="2" />
<div data-region="answer-label">c.
<div><input name="q74503:9_answer" type="radio" value="3" />
<div data-region="answer-label">d.
<div><input checked="checked" name="q74503:9_answer" type="radio" value="-1" /><label for="q74503:9_answer-1"><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Clear my choice</a></label></div>
<div><input name="previous" type="submit" value="Previous page" /><input name="next" type="submit" value="Next page" /></div>
<p><input name="attempt" type="hidden" value="72449" /><input name="thispage" type="hidden" value="1" /><input name="nextpage" type="hidden" value="2" /><input name="timeup" type="hidden" value="0" /><input name="sesskey" type="hidden" value="ZbbeLnwiY2" /><input name="scrollpos" type="hidden" value="" /><input name="slots" type="hidden" value="4,9" /></p>
<p>Network connection lost. (Autosave failed).</p>


Please use this link to learn about tags

As for the question your come mainly consists of

  1. <div> division tag -for dividing the page into blocks or sections
  2. <input> input tag -for taking inputs
  3. <a> anchor tag -for creating links
  4. <span> span tag -an inline form div(almost)
  5. <h1> Heading type 1 tag -just a type of heading
  6. <label> label tags -to set labels

Before knowing about them start from making hello <HTML> world.

Then gradually start to learn each tag one by one, don’t get scared by this huge tags and their attributes.

Just so you know I’ll tell you some thing just to get started with HTML. HTML is a scripting language which consists of mostly

  1. tags ex. <div> a tag will always have <> around it

  2. Their Attribute it will be between the tag’s name and > . Attributes also have their values ex. <div class=”whatever“> here class is an attribute and whatever is its value;

  3. data –either in the physical file or outside it any data anything between starting and ending of tag

<tag> anything </tag> -this is just a formal example

actual example <div> data </div>

I think this will be enough for you to get started


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