How to remove the blue underline and text when making a button with the href property?

So I am trying to make a button but I don’t like it having a blue underline and blue text when I make it a link button, here’s the code:

           <a class="button" href = "howtomakebread.html"> how to make bread!</a>

      div.breadbutton {
         background-color: black;
         width: 150;
         height: 25;
         text-align: center;
         margin: 10px;
         margin-top: 10px;
         padding: 10px;
         color: white;
         position:relative; top:-10px

That is the code itself, comment if I need to supply more of my code to fully answer this, thanks!


The CSS property to remove underline is: text-decoration: none; and to make it not have blue text, simply set the color in CSS to any other color: color: white;. To use an rgb code: color: rgb(255, 255, 255);, and to use HEX: color: ffffff;