The correct way to path files/images/links on html

It seems to be a very beginner question, but after finish my whole website, i found a “bug” on the structure of the path files/images and links.

Well, first let me tell you what is the exactly structure:

The website are located on: /var/www
Main pages files are located on the main website folder: /www
CSS files are located at /www/styles/
JS Files on /www/js/
Images on /www/images/

I have been writing my path of files/images with this current directory:

JS: <script src="js/scripts.js"></script>
Image: <img src="images/img.jpg">
Links: if i was point to the same file with get parameter, i just writed: <a href="?parameter=test">
Links for others files: <a href="otherFile.php">

Well, like i said, after some time i found a “bug”. If i put / after .php link, for example:, all my images/js/css files break and all the href links become: instaed of

So, i have now to change all my images/files and links with “/” in the beginning, to avoid this bug, like:

<a href="/linktopage.php">

It seems to fix the problem, but its the correct way to path these things? I appreciate your help, thanks.


use / before links like: /otherFile.php /images/img.jpg

this “/” load from www

and your work is correct

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