Vue.js data-bind style backgroundImage not working

I’m trying to bind the src of an image in an element, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m getting an “Invalid expression. Generated function body: { backgroundImage:{ url(image) }”.

The documentation says to use either ‘Kebab-case’ or ‘camel-case’.

<div class="circular" v-bind:style="{ backgroundImage: { url(image) }"></div>

Heres a fiddle:


The issue is that the value for backgroundImage needs to be a string like this:

<div class="circular" v-bind:style="{ backgroundImage: 'url(' + image + ')' }"></div>

Here’s a simplified fiddle that’s working:

Re: the comment below about kebab-case, this is how you can do that:

<div class="circular" v-bind:style="{ 'background-image': 'url(' + image + ')' }"></div>

In other words, the value for v-bind:style is just a plain Javascript object and follows the same rules.

UPDATE: One other note about why you may have trouble getting this to work.

You should make sure your image value is quoted so that the end resulting string is:


Otherwise, if your image URL has special characters in it (such as whitespace or parentheses) the browser may not apply it properly. In Javascript, the assignment would look like:

this.image = "'some/url/path/to/image.jpeg'"


this.image = "'" + myUrl + "'"

Technically, this could be done in the template, but the escaping required to keep it valid HTML isn’t worth it.

More info here: Is quoting the value of url() really necessary?