Adding non printable chars to a string in Java?

I need to add some non printable chars to a string in java so it can be sent down a tcp pipe. the chars mean something to the protocol I am using (record separator and end of message respectively)

what is the best way to go about doing this?

Ideally I’l like to refer to them as constants so that I can use string concatonation/stringbuilder/string.format to add them where required, without having to type them out.

For the curious the chars I need are ASCIIx1E (Record separator) and ACSIIx03 (End of Text).


public final class ProtocolConstants {
    public final char RECORD_SEPARATOR = 0x1e;
    public final char END_OF_TEXT = 0x03;

    private ProtocolConstants() {}

something like that?

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