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I’m using Realm-Java for an Android application.

I need to query a list of MyObject, searching for the ones that contain a string in MyObject.SubObject_A.ListOfString.

Since Realm doesn’t support list of String, I’m now using this structure:


With RealmString being

public class RealmString extends RealmObject {
  public static final String VALUE = "value";
  private String value;

How do I query for all MyObject that contain a given String inside MyObject.SubObject_A.RealmList<RealmString>?


You’re looking at link queries. You should be able to do something like this to get a RealmResults<MyObject>.

realm.where(MyObject.class).equalTo("subObject_A.stringList.value", "search string").findAll();

The idea is that you’re able to use a condition in equalTo that contains the path through the relationships separated by period.

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