Are there any Java method ordering conventions? [closed]

I’ve got a large-ish class (40 or so methods) that is part of a package I will be submitting as course-work. Currently, the methods are pretty jumbled up in terms of utility public/private etc. and I want to order them in a sensible way. Is there a standard way of doing this? E.g. normally fields are listed before methods, the constructor(s) are listed before other methods, and getters/setters last; what about the remaining methods?


Some conventions list all the public methods first, and then all the private ones – that means it’s easy to separate the API from the implementation, even when there’s no interface involved, if you see what I mean.

Another idea is to group related methods together – this makes it easier to spot seams where you could split your existing large class into several smaller, more targeted ones.

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