“Attempted to lock an already-locked dir” using SVNANT Code Answer

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I’m using SVNANT for checking out my project directory on my Windows XP machine. The first time I’ve used tortoiseSVN for the check out.. as result I obtained an error message relative to the incompatible versions so I had to fix it using a downgrade script. Now,I can’t use tortoiseSVN for any operation on my project folder because of this uncompatibility issue. The problem is that everytime I try to check out the project with SVNANT I receive this message:

Attempted to lock an already-locked dir

to be fixed this problem require a

svn cleanup

but as told above I cannot use Tortoise. How could I fix the problem?



right click on your project –> Team –> Cleanup, this will remove the empty “.lock” files automatically created by subclipse.

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