Auto errors detection in IntelliJ IDEA

I am new to Java programming language and the IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 IDE.

I just installed the IDE and I activated all the various inspections but the IDE is unable to detect the errors any time I make a mistake such as omitting a bracket or a semicolon.

This image displays the activated inspections:

Activated Inspections

This is a screenshot of my code with multiple errors but no detected by the IDE:
screenshot of my code

Kindly help me solve this problem.


Java file is not analyzed since it’s located outside of the source root. You need to either relocate the file or reconfigure your content roots so that it resides under the folder configured as the Sources root.

Sources root is marked in blue in the project view. Here is the example of the properly configured project (notice the class icon is different than on your screenshot):

java project

source root

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