Clicking on a particular button of a particular record in a webTable

In our application, i have a scenario to click on edit icon for a particular user. So currently i am using the following code:

Below is the html source of the Edit button:

<tbody id="defaultOverviewTable_data" class="ui-datatable-data ui-widget-content">
    <tr class="ui-widget-content ui-datatable-even ui-datatable-selectable" aria-selected="false" role="row" data-rk="5910" data-ri="0">
    <tr class="ui-widget-content ui-datatable-odd ui-datatable-selectable" aria-selected="false" role="row" data-rk="1" data-ri="1">
    <tr class="ui-widget-content ui-datatable-even ui-datatable-selectable" aria-selected="false" role="row" data-rk="1211" data-ri="2">
    <tr class="ui-widget-content ui-datatable-odd ui-datatable-selectable ui-state-hover" aria-selected="false" role="row" data-rk="14" data-ri="3">
        <td class="ui-selection-column" style="width:17px;min-width:17px;max-width:17px;" role="gridcell">
        <td role="gridcell">HemaSundar</td>
        <td style="width:105px;min-width:105px;max-width:105px;" role="gridcell">52A-4EB-52C-294</td>
        <td role="gridcell">HemaSundar</td>
        <td role="gridcell">HemaSundar</td>
        <td role="gridcell">Banking, Admin, System, EuropeanGate, SAP, MBS, Audit, Confidential Payments, iPhone App</td>
        <td role="gridcell">
        <td class="fillerColumn" style="width:0px;min-width:0px;max-width:0px;" role="gridcell"/>
        <td class="iconColumn width_components_4" style="width:160px;min-width:160px;max-width:160px;" role="gridcell">
            <div class="columnDiv">
                <div id="defaultOverviewTable:3:j_id128" class="ui-outputpanel ui-widget">
                    <button id="defaultOverviewTable:3:j_id129" class="ewms-ui-icon-superEdit ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-icon-only ui-state-hover" type="submit" title="" alt="Edit" onclick="return false;PrimeFaces.addSubmitParam('defaultOverviewForm',{'edit_id':'14'})" name="defaultOverviewTable:3:j_id129" role="button" aria-disabled="false">
                        <span class="ui-button-text ui-c">ui-button</span>

Here is the code i am using now:

WebElement overview = driver.findElement("defaultOverviewTable_data"));// considering the complete webtable
        List<WebElement> individualRows = overview.findElements(By.tagName("tr"));//considering invidual user
        for (WebElement wb: individualRows)
            List<WebElement> indWb = wb.findElements(By.tagName("td"));// considering individual columns for individual users
            if (indWb.get(1).getText().equalsIgnoreCase(username))// if the username equals the expected
                List<WebElement> allButtons = wb.findElements(By.tagName("button"));// getting all the buttons of that user
                for (WebElement edit: allButtons)
                    if (edit.getAttribute("title").matches("Edit"))
              ;// clicking on button where title is Edit.

Some times in there are more than 300 user in the table, Then if i want to click edit for a user which is at 200 position approximatlely. It is taking more time.

Is there any other way by using XPATH for clicking on edit button where username column equal to a particular name?

Note: IDs of the buttons are not constant.


I believe this XPath should accomplish what you want to achieve.



  • td[2] is used because XPaths are 1 based, and you’re looking in the second column

  • You mention clicking the button where title="Edit" but your code snippet doesn’t actually have that so I’m selecting by alt attribute instead

XPaths can be very powerful, let me know if you’d like a more in depth explanation

EDIT: Adding better explanation of XPath below…


This finds the tbody element with the id=’defaultOverviewTable_data’, anywhere on the page. Simple


This finds a tr element that is an immediate child of the tbody (there is only one / at the beginning). The square bracket part means that it will only find rows that match the criteria within the square bracket (./td[2][text()='HemaSundar']), or in english, it will only find rows that have the text ‘HemaSundar’ in the second child td.


Finally, this will find any buttons below the tr (not just immediate children, because of the double //), that have an alt attribute of ‘Title’. You can switch up the @alt part to match any other attributes if you wish.

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