Convert List to Map> grouped-by a variable in the Document object with Java 8 streams (lamda) in one line

I have a list of objects and I want to convert it into a Map which is grouped by one variable in the object. Below is lengthy code I got to. Can someone help me do this in one line?

    List<Document> all = repo.getAllDocuments();

    List<String> ids = all.parallelStream()
            .map(obj -> obj.getFor().getOpp().Id())

    Map<String, List<Document>> map = new HashMap<>();

    ids.forEach(id -> map.put(id, all.parallelStream()
            .filter(obj -> obj.getFor().getOpp().getId().equals(id))


Try this:

Map<String, List<Document>> map = 
        .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(doc -> doc.getFor().getOpp().getId()));