Creating a server side for android application [closed]

I’m currently making an android application that will be used by a certain number of clients. Each client will have an account and will access information from the server. This information is stored in a DB.

My question is what is the best way to create a server side that will, later on, be compatible with other platforms (iOS, Windows, etc.)?
Can I use sockets on different platforms? Or should I create a Web Service?
I found a certain tutorial that I think is explaining a similar thing, but I think it demands a certain amount of knowledge, and I’m totally new to this, and haven’t learned this at faculty (I’m good with sockets but I never had much confidence in them, and the idea of sending HTTP requests to the server looks much better).

Can someone divert me to a tutorial or lectures of how this is supposed to be done?


Connection between Android and a server would most easily be done with http requests.
There are several libraries available who make this easy like Retrofit.

For server-side applications you can take a look at Jersey in combination with a tomcat server.

There are of course many applications who can do these… so it comes down to a matter of preference.

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