Developing a chat application in android [closed]

I am looking to develop a chat application in android. I know core java and android well but I dont know java sockets and servlets. Are java sockets and servlets necessary to develop an android chat application?

Which api should I use to develop a chat application in android? What are the java and android concepts needed to develop an android chat application?

If I am to develop a chat applicatioon using Google cloud messaging in android, is knowledge of java sockets and servlets mandatory?


If your goal is to create an instant chat service, I would personally recommend the Sinch SMS API or Smack. However, if you want to use the Google messaging API, you might want to follow a tutorial such as the one here just to get you familiarized with writing the required server integration code (servlet use is explained so prior knowledge is not necessarily mandatory). Its really a matter of preference and comfort so choose whatever you think you will be able to work with. I hope this helps!

And no knowledge of sockets and servlets is not necessarily mandatory depending on what path you choose. Most api’s handle this for you.

EDIT: If you don’t like the options I’ve provided, you could try this however I do believe in your case Sinch would be the best approach.

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