Does adding “synchronized” affect method overriding?

my problem is that:

search_text.addModifyListener(new ModifyListener() {
        public void modifyText(ModifyEvent e) {
            ArrayList<Object> GPDMvalue = (ArrayList<Object>) multiSortList.getValue();
            ArrayList<Map<String, Object>> valueList = getDefaultValue(GPDMvalue);
            multiSortList.setDataSource(getGPDMList());//new thread 1
            multiSortList.setDefaultOrAddValue(valueList);//new thread 2

when the text changing too fast ,and the thread 1 or thread 2 does’t excute completely,and the maybe some problem,so i want add the synchronized like this public synchronized void modifyText(ModifyEvent e), is this still a override method and will it work?


Adding the synchronized keyword does not get in the way of overriding a method (it is still overridden) because the method’s signature remains the same.

For more details see JLS-§

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