DTO, DAO, and DCO. What is a DCO?

My search for the meaning of DCO was quite fruitless, so I decided to ask here. In my Java application, there are many classes like EmployeeDetailsDto, EmployeeDetailsDao, but recently I also came across EmployeeDetailsDco. Does anyone know what does the DCO stand for?


I just spoke to the guy who used to remember what this stands for. It’s pretty ironic that he no longer does. Nor do any other people here in this company.

The explanation I could find was, that it’s basically a DTO, but they wanted to use DCO to differentiate between DTOs used by Hibernate and DCOs used by external systems, in this case LDAP.

So I believe the meaning of DCO could really be, as Bhushan suggests, Data Carrying object or the like, and in this case it was indeed intended to be just another name for DTO. Answer accepted. Thanks for your time! I thought DCO was an accepted acronym widely used by developers but it turned out to be just this… sorry.


THE answer is Data Container Object, for those interested. I have caused enough stir in the company so eventually a colleague emailed the local originator of the DCO term and, if anyone still cares to find out, it stands for Data Container Object.

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