Error trying to call .buildClassifier (Weka) in Java AndroidStudio

I am trying to use Weka in Android Studio. And I am stuck at the this line:


Its red underlined and it says:

Unhandled Exception:Java.lang.Exception

I was trying other ways and with different dataSet and its allways underlined at .buildClassifier

    NaiveBayes nB = new NaiveBayes();
    nB.buildClassifier(dataSet); //Unhandled exception

    Classifier cModel = (Classifier)new LinearRegression();
    cModel.buildClassifier(data); //Unhandled exception

Trying to fix this for hours, couldn’t find solution on internet,I think I am just missing something maybe I just need to Import something more?

I was doing this from the tutorial so the code should work. Tutorial:

Whole code

import weka.*;
import weka.classifiers.trees.J48;
import weka.core.*;
import weka.classifiers.Classifier;
import weka.core.Instance;
import weka.core.Instances;
import weka.classifiers.functions.LinearRegression;
import weka.classifiers.bayes.NaiveBayes;

public class Meni extends Activity {
public void Weka(){
    //@ATTRIBUTE houseSize NUMERIC
    Attribute a1 = new Attribute("houseSize", 0);
    Attribute a2 = new Attribute("lotSize", 1);
    Attribute a3 = new Attribute("bedrooms", 2);
    Attribute a4 = new Attribute("granite", 3);
    Attribute a5 = new Attribute("bathroom", 4);
    Attribute a6 = new Attribute("sellingPrice", 5);

    //ArrayList attr = new ArrayList();
    FastVector attrs = new FastVector();

    Instance i1  = new DenseInstance(6);
    i1.setValue(a1, 3529);
    i1.setValue(a2, 9191);
    i1.setValue(a3, 6);
    i1.setValue(a4, 0);
    i1.setValue(a5, 0);
    i1.setValue(a6, 205000);
    Instance i2  = new DenseInstance(6);
    i2.setValue(a1, 3247);
    i2.setValue(a2, 10061);
    i2.setValue(a3, 5);
    i2.setValue(a4, 1);
    i2.setValue(a5, 1);
    i2.setValue(a6, 224900);
    Instance i3  = new DenseInstance(6);
    i3.setValue(a1, 4032);
    i3.setValue(a2, 10150);
    i3.setValue(a3, 5);
    i3.setValue(a4, 0);
    i3.setValue(a5, 1);
    i3.setValue(a6, 197900);

    //set class Atribute

    //Creating model
    LinearRegression linearRegresion = new LinearRegression();
    linearRegresion.buildClassifier(data); //Unhandled exception :(

} }


It was problem with weka.jar library. Normal one that I download from weka site is not working with android.Now I downloaded modified one from user rjmanrsan: Working now 🙂

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