Fabric8 maven plugin fails on run build

I’m running mvn build and using fabric8 maven plugin for dockerizing the application. Every time I run the build it fails as it uses a docker command that fails docker-credential-secretservice version.
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin:0.28.0:build (docker-build) on project useradmin-server-war: Error getting the version of the configured credential helper: Process 'docker-credential-secretservice version' exited with status 1 -> [Help 1]
I tried the command manually in the terminal but it fails and outputted: unknown credential action version
Any ideas how to solve this, I can’t find something useful when I searched.


It was a bug and resolved in later versions of the plugin. I changed the plugin version from 0.28.0 to 0.33.0.
Here’s the plugin from the pom.xml (after updating the version):


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