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I am not able to understand TypeToken of Google’s GSON api’s fromJson method. Below code is very complex to understand for me…

        Gson gson = new Gson();
        ArrayList<ID_Name_Address> al = new ArrayList<ID_Name_Address>();
        al = gson.fromJson(json, new TypeToken<List<ID_Name_Address>>(){}.getType());

What exactly is happening here : new TypeToken<List<ID_Name_Address>>(){}.getType()

is this a anonymous class? Throw some light on this code.


TypeToken is a trick to obtain information about generics at runtime thanks to the fact that classes with fully specified generic superclasses make that data available through reflection.

The GSON user guide has a section on serializing/deserializing generics here:

To specifically answer your question, it creates an anonymous object that captures the generics of TypeToken in its superclass data. That data is then extracted through reflection and packaged as a Type instance with getType() to avoid memory leaks due to the aforementioned anonymous class.

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