GWT grid cells don’t wrap

I’m using a GWT GridPanel. I want one of the columns to wrap but nothing I’ve tried works. In the associated css file, I’ve tried:

.x-grid3-cell-inner .x-grid3-col-note {
    overflow: visible; white-space: normal !important;

where note is the name of the column that I want to wrap. Didn’t work. I’ve tried:

.x-grid3-cell {

Didn’t work. I’ve tried:

.x-grid3-cell-inner {
    cell-wrap: true;

Didn’t work. Anyone have a simple solution that works?

EDIT: I also tried setting the id in the ColumnConfig like this:

ColumnConfig[] columns = new ColumnConfig[] {
        new ColumnConfig("Note", "note", 130, true, null, "note"),
        new ColumnConfig("Date", "date", 65, true)

ColumnConfig c = columns[0];

Then in the css I added:

#noteColumn {
    overflow: visible; white-space: normal !important;

But that didn’t work either.


This is a GWT-Ext widget. In the documentation there are some examples on how to wrap cell contents.

For example, use this to wrap all cell contents globally

 .x-grid3-cell-inner {
      overflow: visible; white-space: normal !important;

You can use setId() method in ColumnConfig:

Assigning id to ColumnConfig results in the column dom element having that ID. This is useful to apply custom css to the entire column.

If id = note then css rule should be:

.x-grid3-col-note {
      overflow: auto; white-space: normal !important;

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