How can I improve the tcp connection performance? Code Answer

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I have the following code:

<int-ip:tcp-connection-factory id="client"
    type="client" host="${netSocketServer}" port="${netPort}"
    single-use="true" so-timeout="${netSoTimeOut}" />

<int:channel id="input" />

<int-ip:tcp-outbound-gateway id="outGateway"
    request-channel="input" reply-channel="reply" connection-factory="client"
    request-timeout="${netRequestTimeout}" reply-timeout="${netReplyTimeout}" />

<int:channel id="reply" datatype="java.lang.String" /> 

I must speed up my connection with other server. Can I make an inprove on that code?

I log the following connection times to make me think abount the slow connection.

Waiting time was: 5985
Waiting time was: 6015
Waiting time was: 1578, 
Waiting time was: 5610, 
Waiting time was: 5735, 
Waiting time was: 1734, 
Waiting time was: 1797, 
Waiting time was: 1515, 
Waiting time was: 1469, 
Waiting time was: 6003, 
Waiting time was: 6656

Thanks in advance.


You haven’t provided the units.

If they’re milliseconds you have a serious network problem unrelated to your Spring-Integration config.

If they’re microseconds, that looks normal, there’s nothing wrong.

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