How retrieve a list of attachments JIRA rest api via java?

How do I get the list of attachments using JIRA API with Java? I don’t need the attachments I just want to know what attachments are there, and their ID. I followed basics of using a query to get issues and I am getting issues but not their attachments. My code:

[String searchQuery = "(created >= '2015/12/1' ) AND (created < '2016/01/1')" 
JiraAuthentication jiraAuth;
JiraRestClient arc;
// Get JiraAuthentication instance to create basic HTTP authentication
// string
jiraAuth = JiraAuthentication.getInstance();

// Make sure you use a new instance
jiraAuth = JiraAuthentication.getInstance();

// Get the JIRA Rest Client from the basic HTTP authentication
jrc = jiraAuth.getJrc();

// Receive search results based on query
SearchRestClient searchClient = jrc.getSearchClient();
// limit results to 50
SearchResult result = searchClient.searchJql(searchQuery, 50,0, null);
Iterator<BasicIssue> itIssue = result.getIssues().iterator();

// pull information on individual issues.
while (itIssue.hasNext()) {
   BasicIssue lBasicIssue = (BasicIssue);
   String lIssueKey = lBasicIssue.getKey();
   Issue issue = jrc.getIssueClient().getIssue(lIssueKey, null);
   //This line should print the list of attachments. but everything is always null.

One example where I am trying to get information is from HBASE-15062, which has the api link. In the api link there doesn’t show any attachments but in the actual link there are 4 attachments.

I know about the Jira api call api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/attachments.

I tried : api/2/issue/12925031/attachments I get the response HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed Does this mean I cannot get attachment list or am I just doing the request wrong?

How can I change my java code to get the attachments? Is getting attachments possible from the APACHE JIRA?


I would like to say jannis answer lead me to the answer for this question.

jannis method that adds the parameter ?expand=changelog is the only way to get attachments. The java call for getIssue() needs to change I found how to add parameters here, the api info is here.

getIssue(String issueKey, ProgressMonitor progressMonitor) was used:

Issue issue = jrc.getIssueClient().getIssue(lIssueKey, null);

Issue getIssue(String issueKey, Iterable<IssueRestClient.Expandos> expand, ProgressMonitor progressMonitor) should be used:

   Issue issue = jrc.getIssueClient().getIssue(lIssueKey, Arrays.asList(IssueRestClient.Expandos.CHANGELOG), null);

With the changed call to getIssue the changelog field should be populated. You can then use this field to look at attachments by iterating through the change log. I did this:

private null findAttachments(Issue issue) {
    String FieldName = "Attachment";
    Iterable<ChangelogGroup> changes = issue.getChangelog();
    StringBuilder attachments = new StringBuilder();
    StringBuilder attachmentsIDs = new StringBuilder();

    for (ChangelogGroup change: changes){
        //Multiple change items per group. 
        for(ChangelogItem item: change.getItems()){
                //Gets attachment name.
                attachments.append((String) item.getToString());
                //Gets attachment ID to download if needed.
                attachmentsIDs.append((String) item.getTo());
    //Do something with attachments here..


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