How to configure Camel CXF with Basic authentication

I’m new to Apache Camel and CXF,

I’m trying to create a route for querying a remote WS which requires Basic Authentication and to specify the Soap Action header.

I was able to achieve the same using camel HTTP component but i needed the same with camel CXF in java DSL

Can anyone guide us in fixing the same


If you want to use camel-cxf component to setup the Basic authentication, you need do some configuration on the CxfEndpoint just like this.

CxfEndpoint cxfEndpoint = camelContext.getEndpoint(“cxf:xxx”); 
// set the authentication information 
Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<String, Object>(); authPolicy = new AuthorizationPolicy(); 
properties.put(AuthorizationPolicy.class.getName(), authPolicy); 



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