How to export all my Intellij code styles to a .editorconfig file?

I’m trying to have a standard code style for my project, and I have found, that is a standard for that. I like it very much, and Intellij supports it (we use Intellij).

But I have read a lot and I haven´t found how I can export all my code styles of Intellij to a .editorconfig file. I only can export them to an XML that is only for Intellij.

Or is there any webpage where I can read ALL the editorconfig domain specific properties for Java? In the editorconfig github wiki they only have a few.


Go to “File->Settings (Preferences in OS X)->Editor->Code Style”. At the bottom of the right pane there is a section for Editor Config options, which now includes an “Export” button. This will only export formatting options that are available in the Editor Config specification.

above steps in image format

To include advanced options from IDEA you will have to save IntelliJ specific files with the project.

If you want to do this without saving the entire “.idea” folder and “*.iml” files, you can also export the IDEA configuration to an xml file and save in a place where everyone can get to it.

  1. In “File->Settings->Editor->Code Style”. At the top of the right pane, there will be a “Scheme” field with an dropdown of options.
  2. Next to the dropdown is a cog/gear image that will expand to give
    some options depending on which scheme you have selected.
  3. The two options you need are the “Export…” option and the “Import Scheme”
    options which do what their names imply.

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