How to get the same instance of activity in fragments?

Consider the situation: There is mainActivity. Form this activity we can call two fragments: fragmentA and fragmentB.

mainActivity has one getter getValue and one setter setValue.

Most of the time this is how application works: mainActivity is created. From it fragmentA is created. After back button is pressed in fragmentA, application moves back to mainActivity and goes to fragmentB.

What I want to do is, I want to setValue to mainActivity in fragmentA and get that value in fragmentB.

I am not able to do this since it looks like both fragments do not have the same instance of activity.

This is how I try to access setters/getters of mainActivity from fragmentA and fragmentB: ((MainActivity)getContext()).getValue();

What am I doing wrong?


create a Bunde object in Activity

Bundle bundle = new Bundle();

insert values in bundle (can pass multiple values)
key can be any String and should be unique to each value


create object of the corresponding Fragment and attach the bundle to it


in the receiving Fragment create Bundle Object

Bundle fragmentbundle = getArguments();
String value = fragmentbundle.getString(key);

this is how you pass value between fragments and activities or activities and activities

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