How to handle two Lists in thymeleaf with th:switch and th:each

I am getting one list of objects from the database and iterate through that list inside html page with thymeleaf engine using th:switch and th:each. Now I want to change one property from each object from this list to another format, The problem is how do I use those formatted value inside another list in switch statement in thymeleaf with it’s corresponding object from the first list.

Below shows how I loop inside every object to get the value of getKinachoitajika() which is a double number that appears as 5.0E7 in output, now I format it so as to get a display of normal number like 50,000,000 and put those value into an ArrayList of arrItajika and use them inside html file while looping through the objects of the first list.

   public String kandaAndParokia(Model model){
     List<Kmichango> listKandaAndParokia = kMichangoRepository.findAll();
     ArrayList arrItajika = new ArrayList<>();
        for(int i=0; i< listKandaAndParokia.size(); i++){
           NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getInstance();
     model.addAttribute("listKandaAndParokia", listKandaAndParokia);
     model.addAttribute("itajikaFromated", arrItajika);
     return "michango_joined";

Now inside michango_joined.html I iterate through all the values of each object and display them on the table as below.

        <div th:switch="${listKandaAndParokia}" class="container my-5">
        <h2 th:case="null">No Michango</h2>
        <div th:case="*">
            <table class="table table-bordered table-striped table-responsive-md">
                <thead class="thead-dark">
                <th>Jina La Mchango toka Parokia Michango</th>
                <tr th:each="kMchango : ${listKandaAndParokia}">
                <td th:text= "${}"></td>
                <td th:text= "${kMchango.kandaId.kandaName}"></td>
                <td th:text= "${kMchango.kinachoitajika}"></td>
                <td th:text= "${kMchango.kilichopatikana}"></td>
                <td th:text= "${kMchango.mchangoParokia.mchangoJina}"></td>

Now I want to use the value of the ArrayList arrItajika to be display with each corresponding objects within the switch, meaning I want to replace this “${kMchango.kinachoitajika}” with my arrItajika inside thymeleaf, How do I perform this interaction or is there another suggestion on how I can handle this.

Update: I have added the Repository file

public interface KmichangoRepository extends JpaRepository <Kmichango, String> {
@Query(value = "SELECT * FROM michango_kanda INNER JOIN michango ON michango_kanda.mchango_code = michango.mchango_code",nativeQuery = true)
public List<Kmichango>  getKandaAndParokiaByMichangoCode();



If the indexes of both lists are equal, you can use th:each with an index. See Thymeleaf – How to loop a list by index

<tr th:each="kMchango,iter: ${listKandaAndParokia}">
  <td th:text= "${itajikaFromated[iter.index]}"></td>

Alternatively, create a new class that combines Kmichango with an extra field that is the formatted value and have just 1 list in your model with elements of that new type of class.

Finally, you can also do the formatting in the template itself:

<span th:text="${#numbers.formatDecimal(kMchango.kinachoitajika, 0, 'COMMA', 2, 'POINT')}">

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