How to hide unnecessary files from intellij project view?

Given a sample gradle project with project structure as shown:

enter image description here

As you can see there are bunch of stuff you actually dont ever need to see in idea but you need them to exist…

I know about ignored file/folder types under Editor/File Types but those are affecting the libs and projects, idea will ignore them everywhere while i only need to hide few unnecessary entries in project view.

Primary question : how do we hide them from project view?

Also for very big projects somethimes it is easy if some related modules are shown one after another… but do not do like that alphabeticaly.

Secondary question : is it possible to have customized order in project view?

I’m using Intellij 15 EAP IU-142.5047.6


Usually I use the Scopes support for filtering out/in elements.
I like this support and it can be use as the scope for other tool windows such as Hierarchy Call, and Find in path dialog. Moreover you can have many scopes and easily switch between them. The support for scratch files and version control – change sets – benefits from scopes support.

In order to create a new Scope:

  1. open Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Scopes

  2. Create a new scope by clicking on + icon

  3. and then use include/exclude (recursively)

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