How to import binance-java-api into an Android Studio project

I have problems to import the binance-java-api library into my android studio project. I tried this :

implementation 'com.github.binance-exchange:binance-java-api:1.0.0'

Gradle sync seems to work but none of the lib import are recognized when I want to use them…

Edit : finally I have compiled the library, I think the maven repository hasn’t been created. It’s incredible that the Java api of a company like binance is so bad…


You can’t actually link it with this :

implementation 'com.github.binance-exchange:binance-java-api:1.0.0'

Or you need to create yourself the maven repository. If you want to use the binance-api java client (which is not the best idea) you need to compile it using maven, and then link it in android studio !

But I suggest you to use the rest api wich is really better and create your own request.