How to split an HashMap in Java

I was wondering if it is possible to split a HashMap into smaller sub-maps.

In my case I have a HashMap of 100 elements and I would like to create 2 (or more) smaller HashMaps from the original one, the first containing the Entries from 0 to 49, the second containing the Entries from 50 to 99.

Map <Integer, Integer> bigMap = new HashMap <Integer, Integer>();

//should contains entries from 0 to 49 of 'bigMap'
Map <Integer, Integer> smallMap1 = new HashMap <Integer, Integer>(); 

//should contains entries from 50 to 99 of 'bigMap'
Map <Integer, Integer> smallMap2 = new HashMap <Integer, Integer>();

Any suggestions? Many thanks!


Do you have to use HashMap?

TreeMap is really good for this kind of things. Here’s an example (note that 0, 50, and 99 are map keys, not indices):

TreeMap<Integer, Integer> sorted = new TreeMap<Integer, Integer>(bigMap);

SortedMap<Integer, Integer> zeroToFortyNine = sorted.subMap(0, 50); // toKey inclusive, fromKey exclusive
SortedMap<Integer, Integer> fiftyToNinetyNine = sorted.subMap(50, true, 99, true);

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