How to use an InputDialog inside EMF Commands?

I am trying to open an InputDialog inside the execute() method of a custom command. It looks as follows:

public class MyCommand extends CompoundCommand{
      try {
      }catch(Exception e){
         InputDialog myDialog = ...;

It works fine but it throws some exceptions. These are:

org.eclipse.core.commands.ExecutionException: While executing the operation, 
an exception occurred

which is caused by

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot open an operation while one 
is already open

I am overriding the createSetCommand() method of a ItemProvider in my EMF project. The input dialog is necessary in order to get the valid value from the user in case he/she entered a wrong value.

Thanx Alot Before Hand, KanAfghan


I used a totally different approach than presented above since this approach is not the correct way of doing it.

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