How to use methods in extended class and use them in main class

I am trying to create a method in an extended shape class and use it but it doesn’t work. Here is code what I am trying to do:

public class Try extends Application {
    public void start(Stage arg0) throws Exception {
        Rectangle rectangle = new customRectangles(5);
        int i = rectangle.getObject();   //This doesn't work
    class customRectangles extends Rectangle {
        int object = 0;

        customRectangles(int object){
            this.object = object;

        public int getObject(){
            return object;

This isn’t complete code, most of it is removed. I have searched over web and couldn’t find anything so came to ask the question. Any help please.


Rectangle rectangle = new customRectangles(5);

means that the variable rectangle will only be a Rectangle. Hence only Rectangle methods will be seen. What you want to accomplish:

customRectangles rectangle = new customRectangles(5);

(Class names should start with uppercase letters)