IBM as/400 developer kit for java

i am going to work on application which access some files from as/400 server.can anyone help me for installing as/400 developer kit in java so that i can start getting files from that server.

please help me.


You need to use the jt400 driver. This supports various things such as (taken from the web site);

  • Database — JDBC (SQL) and record-level access (DDM)
  • Integrated File System
  • Program calls (RPG, COBOL, service programs, etc)
  • Commands
  • Data queues
  • Data areas
  • Print/spool resources
  • Product and PTF information
  • Jobs and job logs
  • Messages, message queues, message files
  • Users and groups
  • User spaces
  • System values
  • System status

All the information you need is here:

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