Is it Possible to create a Queue for HashMap set? Code Answer

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Right now I am trying to create a producer/consumer thread, the producer thread goes through all possible combinations of letters and creates their respective MD5 hashes. Then each combination and its hash is put into the HashMap<String,String>. Now in my consumer thread I want to be able to use the Queue<> collection on the hashmap so my consumer thread may call poll() etc thus removing values atc like a Queue but still giving me the capability of seeing both the combination and its hash when calling poll() How would I go about doing this? I have the HashMap but dont know how to ‘make’ or cast it as a Queue. Thanks.


You should not use a HashMap without handling the thread-safety of your code. Else, you may end with a Live-lock.

To be able to iterate your Map with the order in which keys were inserted, you can use a LinkedHashMap.

Map m = Collections.synchronizedMap(new LinkedHashMap(...));

The producer would push entries like this (nothing special):

m.put(key, object)

The consumer would poll entries like this:

while (someCondition) {
    Map.Entry nextEntry = null;

    // This block is equivalent to polling
         synchronized(s) {
             Iterator i = s.iterator(); // Must be in the synchronized block
             if (i.hasNext()) {
                 nextEntry  =;

    if (nextEntry != null) {
         // Process the entry
    } else {
         // Sleep for some time
    // process
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