Is it possible to create JAX-WS Service in JAR and not in WAR?

I’m new to Java so I may be misunderstanding some of nouns – I hope I’ll get it right.

We are creating an extension to a third party software which loads our JAR dynamically. As part of the implementation, the extension should have a service endpoint (I think servlet is right noun) waiting for requests from my company’s backend servers.

The entire solution should run on Websphere (probably 7.0).

I’m looking for a way to open a service endpoint without creating a WAR file. The reason I don’t want the WAR is because our JAR is loaded dynamically and I’m not convinced that the third party system will be able to load the WAR.
In addition, I afraid that by creating a WAR I’ll basically create a new application which will not have access to the objects allocated in the host process of our extension.

Is that doable?




Yes you can, just use Enpoint.publish() method comes with JDK itself.
Please look at the link
Publishing a WS with Jax-WS Endpoint

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