Is it possible to degrade a NamingContainer in JSF?

Recently, a changement from PrimeFaces has made TabView became a NamingContainer, hence the component-path in the existing sources are broken.

For example:

<p:tabView id="tabView1">
    <p:dataTable id="table1">

Previously, the component path of the data table is :table1, but now it is :tabView1:table1.

Is it possible to degrade the tabView1 to a non-NamingContainer? I have tried to remove the id:

    <p:dataTable id="table1">

So I can reference table1 with the old path :table1, Unfortunately this doesn’t work.

Any idea?


You’re talking about the change in PrimeFaces 3 beta version M3? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised about that when you’re working with a beta library. I peeked a bit round in the taglib.xml, but I don’t see any prependId attribute like as the <h:form> has. So it probably just stops here. Best what you can do is to post a feature request to add a prependId attribute which you could set to false.

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