Is it possible to extract JDK system module and use it as a standalone application module/JAR file?


I am using AdoptOpenJDK’s JRE 11* to run my application. This application uses JavaFX which needs JDK’s system module called jdk.unsupported.desktop. This module is not present in mentioned JRE. I was wondering if it is possible to extract this single module from SDK and include it in non-modularized application.

*Adopt is releasing not only JDKs but also JREs

What I’ve tried

I’ve built custom JRE including missing module using jlink and it solved my problem. However, I would like to still use pre-built Adopt JRE instead of custom JRE which I need to create by myself.


Is it possible to “extract” one module from JDK and use it in non-modularized application as an application module or regular “3rd party” jar?


I’m not aware of any “official” way to convert a platform module to a standalone JAR. But I believe you can just unzip the file jdk-11/jmods/jdk.unsupported.desktop.jmod and repackage it into a JAR file.

  • Copy jdk-11/jmods/jdk.unsupported.desktop.jmod to a temporary file
  • Unzip
  • Zip the classes in the directory jdk.unsupported.desktop/classes to jdk.unsupported.desktop.jar

Now if you put jdk.unsupported.desktop.jar to classpath, it should work with JRE 11.

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