Is it possible to insert a batch of messages in Artemis JMS

I am working on a Java application which receives a list of messages and then inserts them in a queue. Is it possible to directly insert a list of messages in my Artemis JMS server (a kind of batch insert)? Or must I insert them one by one?


Using the JMS API you can create a “transacted” session, send a batch of messages, and then call commit() on the session. From the point of view of the application it seems like messages are being sent one-by-one since send() is called for every message. However, the most time consuming work only happens when commit() is called which only happens once per batch. This is often done as a performance optimization especially for persistent messages to avoid the repeated blocking that happens on individual, non-transacted sends. Using transactions for batching purposes is discussed in the “Tuning JMS” section of the ActiveMQ Artemis performance tuning documentation.

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