Is there a free Eclipse plugin that creates a UML diagram out of Java classes / packages? [closed]

This seemed to me like the easiest thing to find, a simple way to display my classes as UML in eclipse

But except this: and this I haven’t found any new, maintained and “good” implementation (with all due respect to the above two)

Anything else I’ve missed?


Did you consider

Creating UML 2 diagrams with Eclipse UML2 Tools – Tutorial ?

I had older references for such tools, but the new ones are build upon UML2 project (described in the tutorial). MDT-UML2Tools is in the making, Omondo is there, but not free.
Papyrus UML, for instance, is based on UML2 Tool.

There is a tool in the Marketplace that can do the above (UML Class, Package and Interaction). It’s called ModelGoon. Last tried in July 2018.

The full list is available at Eclipse marketplace.

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