Is there a proper way to use @PostConstruct in Micronaut?

I’m trying to print a message after the application startup with @PostConstruct, but nothing is printed.

package dev.renansouza.server;

import javax.annotation.PostConstruct;
import javax.inject.Singleton;

public class ServerService {

    public void print() {

I have read that @PostConstruct is Lazy. Does this mean that I need to do something else for this to work?


You can also use @EventListener annotation to acheive what you what, if using @PostConstruct is not that important to you.

For example in your case, you can add following code in any class to listen for application startup event.

void onStartup(ServerStartupEvent event) {
    println("Hey, I work from anywhere in project..")

Code shared above is in Groovy

Keep in mind, the event listener added in main application class is usually called first from what I have observed.