jars from intellij idea dont work – no output Code Answer

I’m using the latest version of the IntelliJ idea and java dk,re,fx versions. enter image description hereSo i go to file->project structure->artifacts->+->jar->from modules with dependencies->select main class Main(everything else default).After that, I go build->artifacts->javafx(name of artifact and project name) and open up explorer to open the jar but I don’t get anything as output. I’ve already tried reinstalling JRE and setting a variable in the windows path.
Project Structure: src->package:sample->class:Main(along with controller cause its a JavaFX app).Also, I get no errors when running the app on the ide, everything works fine. I have a suspicion that it’s the VM options that cause trouble (–module-path C:UsersUSERNAMEDownloadsopenjfx-11.0.2_windows-x64_bin-sdkjavafx-sdk-11.0.2lib –add-modules=javafx.controls) because the rest of the libraries are packed in the jar and checked with win rar. Lastly, I have checked the manifest file and it points to the Main class correctly.
Other solutions I have found don’t work for me.

Can anyone see what’s wrong? thnx for all the help in advance and have a good day!

Edit: the srcsample(package) folder apart from Main.java and Controller.java has some pictures that are used in the app


Just execute your JAR in IDE:

In Select Dialog of executed Actifact select Edit Configurations...

Edit Configurations

Inside click on Pus and select JAR

Select JAR

Then provide path to jar file and test it by running from IDE

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