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I’m new to Java and I have created a list like

List<TruckCategoriesModel> catvals = truckcatesq.getLocationTruckCategories("tryone"));

My TruckCategoriesModel contains

private String category,header_loc;
private int db_id;
//getters and setters for the above

Now after some calculations I have several indexes with represent category. I have a list in which contains a list e.g.

fruit, juice, mango

Which I got by

private List<String> truckcategories = new ArrayList<String>();
for (int j=0; j<catvals.size(); j++){

So after clicking on the above list(truckcategories) am setting up another integers of indexes of the specific list item so

fruit  //gets 0
, juice //gets 1

So my integers i have are

Integer[] selecteditems = [0,1....]//the selected items

So, now I want to know how to filter the old List<TruckCategoriesModel> catvals = truckcatesq.getLocationTruckCategories("tryoone")); per the selecteditems indexes.


Given the following original list:

List<TruckCategoriesModel> catvals = new ArrayList<>();
catvals.add(new TruckCategoriesModel("fruit", "s1", 1));
catvals.add(new TruckCategoriesModel("juice", "s2", 2));
catvals.add(new TruckCategoriesModel("mango", "s3", 3));

you loop should generate the following truckcategories:

[fruit, juice, mango]

Then now if you want to filter on 1 (which is juice)

int filterIndex = 1; // juice

// lookup the corresponding category string
String filterCategory = truckcategories.get(filterIndex);

// filter
List<TruckCategoriesModel> filteredList = new ArrayList<>();
for(TruckCategoriesModel tcm : catvals) {
  if(filterCategory.equals(tcm.getCategory())) {
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