Java mail TLS authentcation

I am trying to get a grasp on the fundamentals of Java Mail API and TLS. I have the following scenario:

There is an STMP server that uses TLS & SSL. If I log on to this server with some client, I can send authenticated &verified e-mails without any problems.

Then I try to run a web server on a different machine, that sends mail using the previously mentioned SMTP server. I still want to send TLS & SSL emails, however no matter how I configure the startup properties I get the following well known error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I found a lot of people having similar issues, however my question is this:

Considering the previuosly described scenario, do I have to get some kind of certificate to the web server (possible somewhere in the JRE), or should it just work fine since the mail server already has that certificate & authentication mechanizm running. Shouldn’t it be possible to just use the certificate of the SMTP server? Anyway, if I have to install the certificate to the machine that uses the STMP server how can I get that certificate?

I’m pretty new to JavaMail API and I have seen lots of articles about this but I could not find the answer black & white for my question.


Your client (that is in your case the one running on the webserver) needs to verify the SSL certificate of the mail server. It seems that your java truststore doesn’t contain that certificate.

So you either need to put that certificate into the default truststore of your JRE (what I wouldn’t recommend) or define a different truststore for your application (that of course needs to contain the mail servers certificate). To do that set this VM parameter:<path-to-truststore>

Edit: Ah I missed some part of your question. To get the certificate of the mail server use something like openssl. See for example:

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