Java Strings Output confusion

I have been asked this question in an interview, I said both would return false. but when I crossed checked it one was true other was false

can anyone explain it?

        String s1 = "H";
        String s2 = "e";
        String s3 = s1+s2;
        String s4 = "He";
        System.out.println(s3 == s4);//false

        String s5="h";
        String s6="h";
        System.out.println(s5 == s6);//true


String s3 = s1+s2;

That string realized at run time and created a reference of that in heap. when we concat strings with (+) operator JVM returns new StringBuilder(string...).toString()

Where as in second case

String s5="h";
String s6="h";

s5 and s6 both are resolved at compile time and pointing to same reference((Constant pool)).

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