Jetty RESTful with multiple data formats

I am a newbie in this area, I am using embedded jetty to create web services and I have few existing methods/pojos which I need to make as RESTful API’s and I want support for multiple data formats like JSON/XML etc.. can anyone suggest a good tutorial or steps/suggestions.

I am using Java (Eclipse + Maven)

Thanks in advance


I think the easiest method to build RESTful services on top of POJOs is to use JAX-RS (implemented via Jersey or Apache CXF, to give two examples). Those sorts of frameworks are then deployed (with your classes) inside a servlet container, such as Jetty.

I use CXF to serve up both XML and JSON off the same model classes (with the service interface described as an annotated interface, a nice approach). It works (provided you don’t have abstract classes as arguments) and there are some reasonable docs and tutorial examples online.

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