JPA – How to set string column to varchar(max) in DDL

With JPA, DDL-generation for the attribute:

final String someString;

will be someString varchar(255) null

@Column(length = 1337)
final String someString;

will yield someString varchar(1337) null.

But how can I get it to produce someString varchar(max) null?

Is it possible using the length-attribute, or do I need to use the columnDefinition-attribute?


Some months have passed, new knowledge acquired, so I’ll answer my own question:

final String someString;

yields the most correct result. With the version of hbm2ddl I’m using, this will be transformed to the type text with SqlServerDialect. Since varchar(max) is the replacement for text in newer versions of SQL Server, hopefully, newer versions of hbm2ddl will yield varchar(max) instead of text for this type of mapping (I’m stuck at a quite dated version of Hibernate at the moment..)

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